Indianapolis Indiana

9/14/15: WTS Complete the erection of the 150 foot Cellular tower. Click here to see the site Videos.

WXLW 150 Foot Tower

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Tower Site Information FAA Click here. The 190 Foot. ARS # 1202525.

The 150 Foot Tower Click here. ARS # 1202527

Indianapolis Indiana 4901 West 56 Street, Indianapolis, IN 46254:  We are replacing the current 3 towers with 3 new towers. The center tower will be for the radio station WXLW AM 950. The North and South towers are being replaced with new Sabre Monopoles. The North tower will be a 4 carrier Cellular tower 150 feet and the South tower will be a 190 foot 5 carrier Cellular/ Communications tower. The building built in 1948 will be demolished. Each tower will have a new modern communications buildings.

New 190 foot 5 Carrier tower
Building # 1 Inside
New Communications Building # 1 Inside

Building HVAC

Here is  a video of  two of the 1948 230 foot towers being decommissioned. Please Click here for the Youtube Video.

125472 Final Erection


Original 1948 Building and 3 230 foot towers

8/28/2015 Radio World Article.


Construction of 150 Cellular Tower