Longmont CO

Longmont Tower LLC
For Sale, Tower, Land & Buildings!

One of the Best Built Tower Sites in the US. Completed in 2004. Tower built by Stellar Tower (USA)

I have built 100’s of Cell, tower sites. This is the best I built and one of the best in the US, Easy to get to, Easy to work on.  Short RF runs. Spotless buildings and property. Rest Room. Fiber from Longmont Fiber rated one of the best ISP Fiber companies in the US.

Plenty of Power

Individual 5 ton AC's in each room

Location, Location, Location

We have it! In the Heart of City!

Best Tower Site in the Area!

Tower Site 17th & Hover



Overall Height Above Ground:

58.8 meters

40-11-28.0 N 105-07-37.0 W


Overall Height Above Ground Without Appurtenances:

57.9 meters

 40° 11′ 28.00″ N Latitude 40.191111   .

Elevation of Site Above Mean Sea Level:

1542.6 meters


Overall Height Above Mean Sea Level:

1601.4 meters..

For all the Financial and Technical Information about Longmont Tower LLC Text Ron Crider 772-913-2209 or email RonCrider@gmail.com

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Total Perimeter Security Fencing. Plus Inside Security Fencing. Electronic Door Locks

Inside Rest Room

Plenty of excess, Tower Space capacity available!

Short Ice Bridges to each of the 6 Equipment Rooms. (6) Equipment Rooms 10X20, Plus Out building 20X30