A Few of Ron Crider’s 55 Years of Projects

1087 Beneva Sarasota Cell Tower 2012 Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, WSRQ

1970 Candelabra Tower Hollywood Florida

2,000 foot TV Tower Charlotte NC CH 36

1986 Charlotte, CH 36 Combining 4 60 KW TV Transmitters for 240KW

1049 Foot Broadcast and Communications Tower New Orleans. New Orleans Premier Transmission Complex 1989

19871049 Foot Tower New Orleans (6) FM Stations (4) TV Stations

2004 We take them down in Canada, also!

Fort Lauderdale 1964 Roof Top for FM and the FBI

1967 Candelabra Tower Hollywood Florida (5) FM's 4 TV stations

GAB Original Network Master Control 2005

Radio Colorado Network Master Control 2005 (5) Stations

Global American Broadcasting Network GAB 2015 Vero Beach

1964 Radio London Pirate Radio, Built in Miami

1964 World Building Silver Springs MD WQMR

Johnstown CO KRCN 1060 2005, New Site

2016 WXLW Indianapolis, Sometimes it takes more towers!

1998 Our Jacksonville Tower 1049 feet (6) Stations

1964 Crider, Top Of The World Building MD New FM antenna WQMR

2020 Panorama Working Drawings

2020 WMBM Miami

2020 WMBM Miami Tower Relocation

2020 Relocating FM antennas WJPP WEHR Stuart FL

AT&T Installed a Cell RAD here near our FM antennas. We were ordered to purchase filters. I instead move the antennas away from the RAD. Works Fine!

2019 WEHR Sometimes you just have to do it yourself!

2019 One Biscayne Tower Removal Possible project

2019 (2) Complete FM stations in One Rack WJPP & WEHR