World Telecom Sites is a small full service Cellular and Communications company working with a select group of Communities, Broadcasters and Tower owners world wide. Our company designs, constructs and manages all types of towers from the smallest roof top to massive multipurpose 2,000 foot Broadcast towers. Our mission is to maximize revenue for tower site owners by assisting in adding additional tenants, negotiating leases, purchasing sites outright or assisting in selling sites. We are always at your service 24/7 to meet with you anywhere in the world. In Business since 1968. Our company installed the first Roof Top Tower in 1963 on top of the Deauville Hotel Miami, next came a tower on top of the Kenann Building Fort Lauderdale, then the World Building Silver Springs Md. We built a 1,749 foot tower in Orange City Florida a 1,049 foot tower Jacksonville and a 2,000 foot tower near Charlotte NC. We also built a 1049 foot tower in New Orleans, one of the few Katrina 2005 Tower Hurricane survivors.  We also built a 1049 foot tower at I-95 and Pembroke Road Hollywood Florida 1965. We are responsible to dozens of broadcast towers and Cellular towers world wide.  

Company Objective

* Acquiring Telecommunications Sites World Wide

*Joint Venturing Existing and/or To-Be-Built Towers

*Community Tower Projects

*Cradle to Grave Structure Builds

*Roof Top and Mountain Top Management

New Indianapolis, Indiana Towers

April 2016 We completed the second communications  tower at  the WXLW 56 Street location in Indianapolis, Indiana. We now have two Sabre Towers at this site 150 and 190 feet. Currently Verizon is constructing on the 150 foot tower. The towers are designed for multiple carriers and LPFM Radio Stations. All the necessary power, internet and fiber are in place.

wxlw 190A

New Port St Lucie, Florida Tower

April 28, 2016: We received Site Plan Approval for the new 150  foot Sacre Communications tower for WEHR-FM Port St. Lucie from the City of Port St. Lucie Florida.

11/27/15: WTS is finalizing the construction of a 150 foot Broadcasting and Communications tower for WEHR 100.7 Port St. Lucie. The tower will also provide space for WJPP Palm City and one additional FM station. The tower is also designed to accommodate 4 cellular carriers. The tower will be built on the 7th Day Adventist Church property at the Midport Seventh-day Adventist Church 1800 SE Veterans Memorial Parkway in Port St. Lucie, Florida USA. The projected completion date is December 2016. The Tower is designed by Ron Crider and manufactured by Sabre Tower to meet or exceed all building Codes for the Port St. Lucie area as well as meet or exceed all FCC and EPA regulations.

MonoPole tower
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Here is a “close-up” picture of the FM antenna that will be mounted at the top of the 150 foot tower. It is very small, weighs less than 10 pounds. The antenna is made by SWR-RF, the Model is LP FM1.

New Indian River Shores Florida Tower

April 2016: Indian River Shores approved the construction of a 110 foot tower

10/18/15: WTS Proposes new 5 carrier Cellular and Communications tower for Indian River Shores.

Click above Picture to read more about Indian River Shores Proposed tower by WTS
Click picture above to read more about Indian River Shores Proposed tower by WTS

September 2015: Completed 150 foot Cellular and Communications Tower, Indianapolis built by Worldtelecom Sites, Ron Crider and Randy Hood. Started in May, completed September 2015. This picture was take the day of completion prior to Verizon installing their antennas.

WXLW 150 Foot Cellular and Communications Tower
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Community Cell Towers

Revised 5/1/15 Ron Crider

Contradictory Premise: In 2014 there were 327,577,529 cell phones in the US. The US population in 2014 was 317,874,628 (103.1%). More than one phone for every man, woman and child. It seems that Cell phones are catching on. The majority of the population wants great Cell service, and at the same time don’t want to see towers built.

  • Typical Community Proposed Settlement: Let’s hide the cell towers and disguise them as flag poles. Is that a good idea? NO! Flag poles generally can’t accommodate enough carriers and because of their slim design the transmission characteristics are compromised.

There are currently 5 major carriers.

If the mission is to disguise  the cell tower by reducing it to a flagpole, thereby shrinking the number of carriers that can use the structure, resulting in the need to have  more towers to cover the same area a properly designed tower would cover.  Tree towers perform better than flagpoles but usually stick out like a sore thumb. Remember, in order to accommodate 6 carriers the tower structure will need to be 150 feet. How many trees are 150 feet in South Florida? Maybe dramatizing what you can’t disguise is a good thing. Let your community know you  bit the bullet and did it right. Perhaps getting creative and building a lighthouse, a windmill, a clock tower, even a small eiffel tower. But will that concept fit your community?

Going with the big guy like Verizon or AT&T: Now that sounds like a good idea, but is it really? All the carriers will tell you they always work with their competitors. Right!. The cell business is a real dog eat dog business. Carriers will do anything to get the slightest edge on the other carriers. Gaining an advantage over the other guys is the rule, not the exception.  A poor solution. To properly serve a community the structure must be built to provide capacity for multiple carriers.

Independent Tower Companies: If your community is only going to permit one tower to be built to service a given area, never consider permitting any major carrier to build the structure. That is the worst idea. Always consider an independent company. not related to the carriers. Even some of the big  independents have their deals with major carriers, so you have to be careful. Small independent cell site developers  are totally motivated by revenue. For them, the more carriers on the structure the better.

Tower Costs: Generally  a cell Mono-Pole will cost a tower developer around $200,000 depending on the cost of land, lease or purchase and legal fees. Our company prefers to build a tower complex with a building that house 6 carriers and one generator rather than a hodge podge of prefab shelters and exposed outside equipment. A project such as this costs around $400,000. However, it is aesthetically more attractive, with landscaping, textured walls and an attractive, roof hidden behind nice walls.

The longer you wait to build the structure the more difficult it will be. If everyone works together a cell structure can be built from start to finish in less than a year. Once again there is no way to please everyone. There is always a contingency of nay sayers in any project.

Here is something to think about; Cell  phone are far more reliable than regular pots (plain old telephone service) phones as there are no wires. They are more reliable than Internet phones as there are no cables to come down during storms or accidents. Most Cell tower are now interconnected by microwave or buried fiber optic cables.  In Florida in particular, in a bad storm, the only way the general population will be able to hear news or communicate will be via cell phones. All this has changed in the past 5 years. Any community that is not embracing Cell service is like waiting for Henry Ford to come out with a red Model T. Today Cellular service is more important than TV or Radio, and is an absolute necessity for security, medical emergencies, and convenience.

World Telecom Sites has solutions for just about every situation. Contact us for ideas and a proposal.